How Mikel Arteta should replace Alexandre Lacazette with £70 million

Written by Edward Pitt

November 3, 2021

Despite his recent resurgence and his growing impact on the team, many reports suggest that Lacazette will nonetheless be leaving on a free in the summer and will likely refuse any contract extension put before him.

That means that either in January or this summer, the next big marquee signing for Mikel Arteta’s revolution will be a long-term striker to score the goals and fire Arsenal back into contention for titles. The big question is, who will it be?

Right now, Arsenal have a player like Aubameyang who is a pure goalscorer but does not have much else to his game. He is not a sensational dribbler, not that good in the air, not great at holding the ball up and linking the play, yet he still manages to put up very decent numbers. On the flip side, we also have a player like Lacazette. He holds the ball up sensational, drops into midfield to bring others into attacks, he is strong and physical, and he is relentless on and off the ball. However, he has never put up the kind of numbers that Arsenal expect from a CF.

The next striker therefore needs to be somewhere in between. He has to bring things to the table even in the games where he isn’t scoring, but he also needs to score…a lot!

So, here are my top candidates…


Dominic Calvert Lewin is right near the top of my list. He is English, young, used to the Premier League and has all the qualities of a top striker. He is quick and good at running the channels, he is world-class in the air giving us a different dimension to our game, he likes to drop deep to help build attacks, and whilst he is not the most clinical striker in the league, he is a tidy enough finisher for sure. The main issue is his injury record. Last season and so far this season, he has demonstrated that he is not always the most reliable. We need a guy we can hang our hat on for 90% of our league games. If he can prove he’s that guy, then he is the man for us.


This is a really exciting one. He is tall, though surprisingly not a sensation in the air. However, in many other metrics, he is a really well-rounded striker who I believe to be destined for great things. Comfortable on both feet, a superb dribbler, quick feet for a big man, a tidy finisher and a real threat especially at dropping deep and leading counter-attacks. However, he is nowhere near as proven as DCL. He has shown glimpses of being one of Europe’s hottest prospects, but is yet to prove he is world-class. He’s probably not quite at the top of my list, but I would still be super excited if we signed him.


I actually love this guy. He seems so under-appreciated at Manchester City; he is the only recognisable striker in their team and yet is not consistently relied upon to be their go-to guy. That’s what he could be at Arsenal. He is such a well-rounded player. He has a natural instinct to be at the right place at the right time to score some goals, (like Aubameyang), and he has that low centre of gravity making him a cute dribbler and brilliant at those clever flicks and one touch passes (like Lacazette). He also brings a flexibility, being ability to place as a striker or out wide. Furthermore, he already has a rapport with Arteta. This move would keep him at a top English club, but would give him a better chance of reaching his potential. I’d love us to sign him.


Kind of like Isak in terms of profile. A young player, playing abroad and as yet unproven at the highest level. Though again, he has shown real glimpses of his potential. He is RAPID, great at running with the ball, and a really good finisher. My worry is maybe he suits foreign leagues where you are generally afforded more time on the ball, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like he could do excellently at Arsenal. He is without doubt a really tidy striker and a top, top prospect. But, he would possibly be the most expensive option on the list considering Napoli spent £64 million on him just over 12 months ago.

But, who do you want? None will come cheap. Two are used to the Premier League and a bit older, two are not used to the Premier League but have been banging them in all over Europe.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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