£26 million Arsenal star says he wants to leave the club

Written by Dylan Fitzpatrick

April 10, 2021

Torreira Seeks Boca Move

Lucas Torreira’s time in North London appears to be coming to an end as the Uruguayan has asked Gunners chiefs to grant a move to Boca Juniors. The 25 year-old wants to be closer to home following the tragic death of his mother last week from COVID-19.

Speaking to ESPN Argentina, he said, “I want to be close to my home, my family. I have a contract at Arsenal and I am on loan at Atlético but I want to go to Boca. I hope the clubs can agree. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to play for Boca. I have made my decision. I will do it for my father. He asked me and I’m going to do it.”

With our business hats on, we can see that Torreira’s desire to move to Boca Juniors will cause Edu a financial headache this summer. The problem traces back to the signing of Thomas Partey in October 2020. Edu used Torreira as a bargaining chip, sending him to Atlético on loan in an attempt to lower the cost of Thomas Partey. However, Atlético were having none of it and refused to budge on the Ghanaian’s price, forcing Arsenal to pay the full £45 million release clause; rendering Torreira’s loan deal pointless. With Fiorentina and other Italian clubs interested in the midfielder, Arsenal could’ve offloaded the 25 year-old in the summer to raise some much needed cash, but he was unnecessarily loaned to the La Liga leaders instead.

Since his move, Lucas Torreira has struggled for game time in the Spanish capital. The Uruguayan has featured 22 times in all competitions this season. However, this number is misleading. Torreira has only played 629 minutes of football this campaign, the equivalent of just 6.9 football matches. Torreira’s omission from the team may be an act of vengeance from Atlético, devaluing our player following the summer robbery of Thomas Partey. With Torreira rotting on the bench, the price many clubs would be willing to pay will drop tremendously. And Torreira only wants a move to Boca – a club that still couldn’t afford him. Given the financial difficulties facing the club at the moment, Arsenal cannot simply afford to ‘give away’ a player for next to nothing, making the summer decision on Torreira a complicated one.

This is a matter the 25 year-old has obviously considered. Again, speaking to ESPN Argentina, he said, “Hopefully the teams will agree a loan for a year. Because I don’t know how many millions I’m worth, but for Boca it’s a lot of money.” A one-year loan deal seems feasible, but could still pose problems for Edu. The Uruguayan has two years left on his Arsenal contract, so would return from a potential loan deal with just one year left on his contract. Torreira could then run his contract down and leave for free the following year, something Arsenal have suffered from in the past. 

Regardless of what happens, condolences to Lucas and his family for the devastating loss they have suffered. Fingers crossed that a deal can be made to satisfy all parties and allow Lucas to play football closer to his family. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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