Burnley 1-1 Arsenal: Player Ratings as VAR robs Arsenal again

Written by Edward Pitt

March 6, 2021

Burnley 1-1 Arsenal: Player Ratings

Arsenal have just drawn 1-1 at Turf Moor in a result which pretty much ends our league season. If we can’t beat Burnley, it’s tough to see us doing anything with our league position. There was so much wrong with this game, but at the same time we should have won. Robbed of a penalty and had some clear cut chances at the end. I can’t believe we haven’t won that. 

Leno – 7/10: He has to take some blame for their goal, though I think it was more Xhaka’s fault. We play those risky passes a lot and a lot of the time it works. He made up for that with a couple of crucial saves in a 15 minute spell of Burnley dominance in the second half

Chambers – 4/10: A poor display from Chambers, though I’ve never really thought of him as a right back and in fairness it was his first PL game since 2019. He looked ropy at times defensively with some wayward clearances. And he was just getting in people’s way in the final third

Luiz – 6/10: He was the slightly better of the two centre backs, but largely a really poor display from him. He was so slow at building out from the back. And at times he was just punting it long expecting Aubameyang to hold it up all by himself. The only reason he doesn’t have a 4 or 5 is he put in a couple of important blocks at the end and put in a delicious ball in the final moments which we should have scored from

Mari – 4/10: I thought Mari was really bad today. He was caught in possession far too often. Vydra and Wood were giving him a hard time and he looked really slow. The issue of playing so slowly from the back was an issue last week against Leicester. I think Holding and Gabriel is our strongest partnership and we need to get them playing together again soon I think

Tierney – 6/10: Far from his best game. He defended reasonably well but again was often caught in possession when trying to play through the Burnley press. He was largely ineffective in the final third until the latter stages when he was linking up well with Saka to be fair

Partey – 7/10: Not sure why he was brought off because I thought Xhaka was the one in need of being taken off. He was one of the few who seemed comfortable bringing the ball forward and was integral in our opener. I want to see him and Ceballos as our partnership there for the rest of the season

Xhaka – 4/10: I am not a Xhaka-hater, but I think even the most passionate Xhaka-fan can’t admit he had a good game today. He was either under hitting or over hitting passes. Playing very slow and didn’t seem to have much urgency. Naturally, of course the talking point will be his mistake for their goal which I think opitimises Xhaka. He called for the ball, but immediately had his eyes down, staring at the ground. Partey or Ceballos would have played that pass first time out to his two options on our right handside. Very poor from him

Saka – 7/10: Not his best game, but he was involved in our best moments. Especially actually on the left at the end of the game he looked a real threat

Odegaard – 4/10: Really bad from Odegaard and he was rightfully pulled for Lacazette on the hour mark. He was far too casual and slow in the final third. Just a bit too ponderous today

Willian – 6/10: He set up Auba’s goal and the early signs were he was going to continue his good form. He then sort of disappeared really. Better than we was at the start of the season, but nothing brilliant

Aubameyang – 8/10: My MOTM. I think whenever he got on the ball was when I thought we really could have made something happen. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get him on the ball enough. He looks better off the left with Lacazette as the focal point. It gives Auba the perfect support


Lacazette – 6/10: Held the ball up, linked the play well at times but didn’t get to show too much

Pepe – 7/10: Why did we not start this guy. He puts in a great display against Leicester and gets dropped. He had a couple of big chances, one of which he should have scored and the other which was spectacularly blocked off the line. He also should have won a penalty but VAR decided that Arsenal don’t get the same treatment as other teams. He was just a constant threat that we really missed

Ceballos – 7/10: Another guy who I think should have started and certainly should have been brought on sooner. Of all our deep midfielders he is the most direct and the best at playing out of tight pockets. Our flurry of chances at the end came from Ceballos actually running with the ball and moving Burnley’s midfield about. He hit the post at the end and probably would have scored if Chambers hadn’t got in his way

ARTETA – 5/10: I’ll be honest I think he got a lot of things wrong today. Playing Chambers at RB was questionable. I think starting Willian was questionable. Not playing with a natural number 9 yet again was punished as we struggled to maintain our attacks. Pepe was dropped for some reason. And he should have brought Pepe and Ceballos on a lot sooner than he did. They were changes that most Arsenal fans were crying out for all game long.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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