Southampton 1-0 Arsenal: Pick Your Player Ratings

Written by Edward Pitt

January 23, 2021

Southampton 1-0 Arsenal: Player Ratings

Leno – 6/10: He didn’t have too much to do but made a couple of competent saves. Unlucky, because he had the Walker-Peters cross covered before Gabriel turned it into his own net

Bellerin – 6/10: He seemed pretty nervous on the ball and that nervousness was felt throughout the whole team. The only reason why he keeps a respectable rating is because he was a leader out there who was constantly instructing his teammates and motivating them

Holding – 4/10: I’m a big fan of Holding, but this was a really shaky performance. Ings and Adams were causing him real issues and his passing out from the back was really poor. He kept getting the ball caught under his feet and allowing the Saints to keep building pressure

Gabriel – 4/10: After an awful first half, he seemed to settle down a bit more and was more composed compared to Holding in the second half. Unfortunately, the damage was done in the first half. But I’m sure he will be back to his best after a few more games

Cedric – 5/10: He was getting into some really good areas, but his final ball was really lacking. In fairness, it is always tough for a right-footer to be forced to play at left back; him and Martinelli were just getting in each other’s way really

Elneny – 5/10: Not good from Elneny today. He was losing most of his key duels and also really struggled to play any pass to break the lines. His cheap concession of the ball is what ultimately cost us the deciding goal as well

Xhaka – 6/10: Xhaka was generally doing what he usually does in the heart of midfield. Nothing too sensational but keeping things simple. At times he was a little bit sloppy though and he too could not at times play through the Southampton press

Pepe – 6/10: I didn’t really see Pepe getting on the ball until 30 minutes into the first half. However, once we started getting the ball to him a bit more in positions where he was not isolated, he began causing Southampton some problems. He created our best chance of the game too by playing Nketiah in, but also wasted a couple of chances

Willian – 5/10: Whilst it was far from Willian’s worst performance in an Arsenal shirt, he just isn’t a player that inspires confidences in that number 10 role. His play is often too slow and ponderous. At least if Pepe is having a poor game, you feel like he could have that moment of magic. You never really have that feeling with Willian

Martinelli – 6/10: I am a bit confused as to why he was brought off because for a lot of the game he was our brightest spark. With Partey and Lacazette on with him he could have gotten a couple of goalscoring chances with the runs he was making. But, I understand Arteta will want to manage him for more important games coming up

Nketiah – 6/10: I thought the first half was really poor. In fairness, we all know he isn’t a striker good at holding the ball up, which is what we need in this game. In the second half, with Lacazette to play off, he seemed far more involved and to be honest had a couple of chances to get us back in it


Partey – 7/10: Our man of the match should never be a guy who only played 30 minutes, but it was today. He allowed us to sustain pressure on Southampton and play through their press. There was a moment where he was pressed by 3 Saints attackers and shrugged them all off. Compare that to the rest of the team; a press of 3 Saints players was getting our entire back 4 panicked at times. He needed to start from the get go