Arsenal are right to counter Mesut Ozil’s ludicrously selfish decision

Written by Kian Long

June 20, 2020

According to a report from ESPN, Mesut Ozil wants to see out the final year of his contract before reviewing his future at the end of next season. However, Arsenal are in a state of disagreement since they want to offload him this summer.

While this will inevitably divide opinion among the fanbase, I am in agreement with the club. I’m running out of patience with Mesut Ozil and we all know what it’s like to lose a player for free, which is the last thing anyone would want. Besides, it’s not like Ozil is essential to the XI and Arteta is slowly starting to agree with this, since he has not started in the last two matches since the restart.

It’s well-known that the Coronavirus pandemic is bound to cause a stir to club’s finances. This means that if Premier League clubs wish to sign top players, they must make sacrifices in order to raise funds. While Ozil was once a great player and a portion of fans are bound to hold this sentimentality, it’s in the club’s best interest to sell him.

Not only would vital transfer funds be raised, but the Gunners would be freeing themselves of paying the ridiculous £350,000 weekly wages. This money could be invested elsewhere, for example to renew Bukayo Saka’s contract since this runs out next season. Investing in youth is better than investing in a player that doesn’t even start and when he does, doesn’t look like he wants to be there.

It’s all well and good Ozil claiming to love Arsenal but he needs to start showing it.I can’t remember the last performance he put in which wowed me as a fan and his negative aura seems to transcend to other players on the pitch, probably because they’re always forced to do more when playing alongside him.

Ozil is still an excellent player, of course he is. You can’t just lose naturally-gifted ability. However, the problem is that he doesn’t put in any effort to show it. In all honesty, the club should feel used by Ozil. Over the last few seasons, there were opportunities to progress by signing a replacement but it was never snatched upon.

There are options to replace Ozil, of course, as well as destinations for Ozil to go and finish his career in the right manner. The likes of Emile Smith Rowe are ready to step up to the first team, if not Orkun Kokcu could do a job at filling his void. It would just be better for both parties if he leaves; he really doesn’t need all that money anyway.

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