Arsenal: Wilfried Zaha now seems like a distant memory

Written by Kian Long

June 11, 2020

There was once a time where Arsenal were being seriously linked with Wilfried Zaha, most notably when Arsene Wenger was the manager. That said, the Gunners keep being linked with his name every transfer window, but in all honesty, the reports are less and less convincing each time.

See, perhaps it was naive of me to believe we would ever bring in a player of Wilfried Zaha’s calibre. However, the signings of Nicolas Pepe and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the last few years just show we have the funds and pull to do so. Maybe we were just never really THAT interested in Zaha.

See, Zaha is just an easy name to bring clicks to tabloid newspapers. So is Arsenal. This is why mingling the two together so consistently was enough to grab attention, it was a clever tactic.

But now, according to a report from the reliable 90min, Wilfried Zaha is becoming an increasing topic of interest to Paris Saint-Germain. There’s no denying that the Parisian club are the financial powerhouses of the world, and given that they’ll probably lose Neymar to Barcelona this summer, they need to sign a replacement. It just makes much more sense, and it’s better for us as supporters to bid farewell to Zaha now than keep up the hopes. It’ll only end in disappointment.

Arsenal have made their target niche clear; they want to sign cheap players, in positions of need, preferably young. Zaha is definitely cheap, so no blockbuster move will happen at the Emirates Stadium this summer. The reason why this is the case is because Arsenal’s main source of revenue will be player sales, but as we know, the board is pretty useless at getting good prices for our star players.

So, unless a miracle happens, which I highly doubt that it will, we can close the cap on what was probably a media exaggeration all along. Wilfried Zaha now feels like a distant memory.

Cover image: James Boyes, 2012



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