Arsenal Fan Stories: Chris Davison

Written by Arsenal TSN

April 3, 2020

Our first Arsenal fan feature comes from Chris Davison, a passionate Gooner who has turned his love for the club into a freelancing career that allows him to share news, perspectives, and ideas with fans across the globe.

“My Uncle Brian brainwashed me into joining the Arsenal family. He made me Arsenal-crazy. Unfortunately, I lost him to cancer in 2007, but I knew at that point that I was going to make him proud of me and I had to carry on the Arsenal legacy in the family.

“In 2013 my family and I organised a charity football game between Norfolk Arsenal Supporters Club and our local team, Loddon United, where we raised just over £1000 for Cancer Research and the hospital my uncle was looked after in.

“Since then I have obviously carried on being a massive Gooner, and in 2015, a very big opportunity came up for me. One of the Arsenal FC staff members who helped out with the charity game reached out and offered me the chance to do my work experience at the new Arsenal In The Community Sports Centre which opened around Easter right next to the Emirates Stadium. As I filled out the paperwork I felt like a new Arsenal player signing a contract! Soon I had officially been put on the list to serve the club at the newly opened Arsenal Hub which is right next to the Emirates. As you can imagine I was ecstatic and overwhelmed at what an awesome chance this would be for me.

Chris was delighted to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact working for Arsenal In The Community

“I can remember arriving in London and going up to the Emirates just to take in its breathtaking views from the outside…it always gives me goosebumps just being there. On my first day at the Hub we had the usual talk about health/safety and our responsibilities as employees, but then I was treated to my own personal stadium tour of the Emirates… that’s when I knew that this week was going to be bloody great! It was a week full of surprises and excitement but at the same time I knew I had to put 100% dedication into the work as well, because as a Gooner I wanted to give my best for this club…

“Each day I took part in football activities that Arsenal in the community offer to young and older people that have disabilities or just want to improve as players and get more involved in sport. It was great to work alongside some Nike academy products as well and to learn from them too. Overall it was an absolutely fantastic week and I had a brilliant time. Arsenal are dedicated to giving back to the community, and without them, the disadvantaged would not have opportunities to change and improve their lives through the beautiful game. To top off the week, I met the man who has been at the heart of Arsenal Football Club’s ground-breaking community programmes… Alan Sefton (MBE): a man who puts a tremendous amount of hard work to make the Community where it is today. I learned why we really are ‘by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.’”

Chris now keeps all of the Arsenal fans up to date with the latest news surrounding the club and he is well known from his work on Twitter, YouTube and the radio.

Chris now keeps all of the Arsenal fans up to date with the latest news surrounding the club and he is well known from his work on Twitter, YouTube and the radio. His following has grown massively over the last couple of years and he says he couldn’t be more thankful:

“Looking back, I realise how far I’ve come; I have been very fortunate to do some fantastic things and meet some amazing people along the way. When my Uncle passed away, I just wanted to carry on the Arsenal legacy and make him proud. He brainwashed me into having a passion for both football and the Arsenal, I couldn’t let him down.

“It was always a dream of mine to do some form of work in the media, and now I’ve been freelancing for a few years – to be doing it mainly around the club I love means an awful lot. To anyone who has supported me, given me opportunities or followed my work, I can’t thank you enough. Today, I couldn’t be a more passionate and dedicated Arsenal fan if I tried.”

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Chris now runs a successful Arsenal website called The Arsenal Review, which allows him to update fans with the latest news and share his perspectives.



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